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Yerevan Cirkus

There is a studio-school named after
L. Yengibaryan adjacent to the Yerevan Circus. Everybody over 3 years can apply.


  • www.sosmagic.com Sos (Junior) and Victoria Petrosyan
    Laureates of international competitions, the record-holders of the book of “Ginuess”
  • www.sosmagic.com 2007
  • www.sosmagic.com Gold medal
  • www.sosmagic.com ՍՈՍ ԵՎ ՎԻԿՏՈՐԻԱ
    Աշխարհի ռեկորդակիրներ

General director of Russian State Circus Dmitri Ivanov and General Director of Yerevan Circus Sos Iosif Petrosyan during the signing of cooperation agreements at the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.


Sos & Victoria: Fashionable Magic Act's Quick Changes Amaze the Audience - America's Got Talent 2016.

Change and Tradition: Circus family sets record and continues family dynasty

On September 5 Armenian artists became absolute champions of the world in the art of changing clothes quickly. The Guinness Book London Association registered them as record-holders the same day.


Courses Circus opened in September at the Yerevan Institute of Theatre and Cinema
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"ARTCANON" - Public Television

   Circus classes to open at Yerevan theatrical institute

The Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema is launching classes in circus studies later this year, according an artistic director.

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